Alfie and the Sock Goblin

Written by Rachel J Carter; Illustrated by Ilaria Vallone

Alfie was riding on a purple-scaled dragon. They were flying over a snowy mountain to find a giant duck who was stomping on the villagers. As they swooped down to defeat the Killer Quackmonster, Alfie felt a tickle in his ear. He let go of the dragon’s spine to scratch it. He slipped and began to fall, down, down towards the jagged peaks below…

His leg twitched and he woke up. The clock said that it was half past six in the morning. Mum always got up at seven and then shouted at him and Daisy to get ready for school.

Alfie lay on the bed and listened. He could hear Ruffly Dog snoring in his basket downstairs. The wind outside whistled through the gaps in the creaky old house like a song, and a tree branch knock-knock-knocked.

He opened the curtains a bit. It was starting to get light. He could hear another noise now, a sort of scratching coming from behind him. He looked around the room. A small shadow scuttled across the carpet towards a hole in the wall where the heating blew hot air into the room.


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