Where do you write?

The short answer to the question of where I write is, anywhere I can plug in a laptop or carry a notebook and pen. For a longer answer, the question must be ‘where do I write best?’ Writing, or rather typing, at home has its advantages – a comfortable seat, an ergonomic keyboard, a large screen. It also has its disadvantages in the form of multiple distractions. Since completing an exercise on ‘focus’ recently, I have found that I can turn off the usual internet distractions for short periods of time, so this is an improvement.

Away from home is better though. Taking my notebook on the train, to a café, anywhere with a little background noise, seems to encourage me to write without (much) distraction. Unfortunately, this usually involves a financial cost, whether it’s a train ticket, a lunch or a few cups of coffee. It also takes me away from home and my dog, which is where I like to be the most.

So the majority of my writing happens at my desk, in the spare-room office upstairs, with the lovely view.

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