Zach and Gnarly: Super Surfers

Written by Rachel J Carter; Illustrated by Ilaria Vallone

Zach stood in the hallway with his trainers in his hand. Gnarly dog wagged his big yellow tail.

‘Mum, can we go to the beach?’ Zach shouted.

            Mum called out from the kitchen. ‘Not today Zach, I’m baking for the Summer Festival. Mrs Grimmer won’t be happy if I don’t bring lots of my famous banana cakes!’

            ‘Dad, can we go to the beach?’ Zach shouted into the garage.

            ‘Not today, Zach,’ Dad called. ‘I’m fixing the van.’

            Zach sighed. ‘Come on, Gnarly,’ he said. He scratched the dog behind his left ear. That was Gnarly’s favourite scratching place.

‘Let’s go and play,’ said Zach. Gnarly wagged his big yellow tail and gave him a big toothy dog grin.


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